About us

After more than 80 years of working in chemical equipment construction, Haub + Schöllnhammer successfully continues to be at the forefront of the industry.  Our expertise

in air, gas and steam cleaning sectors is reflected through our years of experience - with more than 162,000 installed BZ-cyclone-separators, we are able to offer a solution

for any problem that may be encountered.


Our business is comprised primarily of BZ-cyclone-separators (system Prof. Barth) and the peripheral equipment relating to the processes of separating and discharging.

BZ-cyclone-fluid-separators and BZ-dust-separators are used in all industrial sectors:


  • compressor industry
  • compressed air- and vacuum technology
  • power, process engineering and environmental technology
  • biogas technology
  • heat- and steam engineering
  • chemical industry
  • plant construction
  • shipbuilding


Passion for innovation and the challenges of solving whatever new task is brought before us is the driving force behind the team at Haub + Schöllnhammer.


The procedural construction, strength calculation and constructive design of our products is realized by our experienced engineers and process engineers.  Production also takes place on-site - our experienced and highly motivated employees not only guarantee high quality standards, but also quick and flexible responses to the needs and short delivery times of our clients.


We apply the strictest standards of modern quality assurance according to DIN ISO EN 9001 and the rules of the international acceptance authorities. The application of standards and testing procedures represents an appreciated challenge to our staff as they strive to achieve perfection in our products.

Haub + Schöllnhammer products are always the right decision.