Separation – discharging
BZ-cyclone-separators (system Professor Barth) 
are high capacity separators and are produced in different series for a large variety of application purposes:

Standard- and small-separators in type of threading or in type of flange from ½” till DN 250 out of aluminum, carbon-steel or stainless steel. Application ranges are: Compressor technology, vacuum technology, compressed air technology, sandblasting technology, steam- and heat engineering (as steam dryer), industrial furnace construction, heat transfer industry, biogas technology, cooling devices and so on.
Special-separators for highest pressures and operating temperature (till 650 bar respectively 930° C), multi-cyclones, separator-filter- combinations, separator-pulsation-damper-combinations, demister-separators. Application ranges are: chemical industry, power plants, energy- and process engineering, plant engineering, compressor technology steam turbines, shipbuilding and so on.

Special-separators have been developed for the following application ranges:

  • BZ-cyclone-separators for vacuum pumps
  • BZ-cyclone-separators for refrigerating machines
  • BZ-cyclone-separators for silo vehicles
  • BZ-cyclone-separators combined with automatic HS-by-pass-capacitors
  • BZ-cyclone separators combined with pulsation dampers
  • BZ-cyclone-separators combined with filters
  • BZ-cyclone-separators combined with demisters
  • HS-demister-separators