H+S-Demister (Droplet Separator)

Separating - Discharging


H + S-Demisters serve for the separating of liquid particles out of air-, gas- and steam streams. They proved themselves in the industrial application as efficient and economic technology.


H + S-Demisters are used in such cases, where you have volume flows with relatively constant low speeds under low pressures.


During the separating process the liquid droplets pass through the wire netting, impact because of their gravity on the wire surface, run together at the netting joint connections and fall as greater drops down in the collector room. Separation rates of up to 99,9% of a certain drop size are reached at a low decrease in pressure.


In principle the demisters are produced out of stainless special steel.


Haub + Schöllnhammer Apparatebau GmbH offers two type series in the H + S-Demister Program:

  • Type "Standard"
  • Type "Standard with vessel flanges"

At the type "Standard" the cleaning (evaporation or flushing) is effected through an inspection chamber in the upper bottom.


The type "Standard with vessel flanges" allows the opening of the whole device in the range of the upper bottom. Therefore the demister package is freely accessible for cleaning- and exchanging purposes.


On request H + S-Demisters can be equipped with automatic traps out of our production program.