HS steam traps

Separating – discharging
HS float steam traps provide for automatic discharge of the separated condensate from the BZ-cyclone-separators, filters, pipelines etc.
They are used as flanged combination with a BZ-cyclone-separator, as individual device to upgrade already existing separators and/or filters or as automatic water drainage systems in compressed air- and/or steam pipelines. On request, the devices can be delivered with an electrical condensate heating.
Function: Float with rotary valve link. An increasing level opens and a falling level closes the passage without any time lag, independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations. The rotary valve is at the same time shut-off device. Blockages because of plugging and pollution are as far as possible avoided by the shear force of the rotary valve.
Level-controlled steam traps work electronically and are a guarantee for safe and economic condensate technology.     
Electronic condensate discharge valves work with timer. The desired intervals as well as the opening times are adjusted in such a kind that each further manual condensate evacuation can be omitted.
Equal in favor of which system you will decide: Discharging the condensate reliably avoids expensive sequences by disturbance of the compressed air- /steam system. Uncontrolled condensate management can cause a complete failure of the separating-, filter system.